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Best Root Apps 2017 – For Rooted Android

We already have discussed about Advantages of Rooting Android phone. We only root our phones for apps that require superuser privileges because in the android phones developers lock certain permissions and only the users who have some technical knowledge about Android System can change these setting by rooting their android phone. So to get administrative privileges and to change other internal settings we root android phones. But what to do when you root your android phone? Here we have listed of best root apps for android phones which you can install in your root device because with the help of these apps we can create better backups, can change custom ROM, system files and get permissions to change boot files etc on your rooted device. You can even modify system framework. So these are must try Best Android root apps for your rooted android phone.

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List Of Best Root Apps.

1. Device Control [Root].

Device control is totally free app and is used to control your device’s several features. And it has many extra features like App Manager, Editors, Task, Entropy Generator, Wireless File manager and more. You can check the complete list on play store.

Download from playstoredevice control android app for rooted phones

2. Greenify.

Greenify helps to increase your device performance. If you installed lots of apps and your device, it becomes slower and battery hungry. Greenify helps you to put the misbehaving apps into hibernation because these apps can reduce your phone battery.

Download from playstoregreenify android app for rooted phones

3. XBooster *ROOT* – Free.

XBooster comes with simple UI and beautiful widget which helps to improves your phone’s performance. If you love to do multitasking and play high definition games on your phone then you should have this app on your rooted android phone.

Download from playstoreXBooster android app for rooted phones

4. System App Remover [Root].

System App Remover help you to remove system apps because without root our android phone we cannot uninstall or remove system apps. So this helps you to remove system apps from your android phone. You can also remove many apps on one click and make your phone bloatware free.

Download from playstoresystem app remover android app for rooted phones

5. Super SU.

Super SU is a tool to grant access to all permissions on your device or is a access management tool. You can install this app from play store and can check many features provide by the app developers on Google play store.

Download from playstoresupersu android app for rooted phones

6. After Android Root ?.

After Android Root help out you to what to do next after root your android phone. Because many people who root their phones don’t know what to do next ? So this app has all things you need and you can get knowledge and help about what you can do on your rooted android phone.

Download from playstoreAfter Android Root android app for rooted phones

7. Titanium Backup Root.

Titanium Backup is another most helpful app for rooted android users. You can create backups of your apps, files, media and personal links in Titanium Backup and can freeze apps you don’t use. You can schedule your backup on your phone it will automatically create backup of your phone.

Download from playstoretitanium backup android app for rooted phones

8. Root Browser.

Root browser is a file manager for rooted users. You can explore all your files, images,music and videos from root browser. You can view and edit files and many more. There are lots of features provided by this app you can download and check out on play store.

Download from playstoreroot browser android app for rooted phones

9. Terminal Emulator For Android.

Terminal Emulator is another root app for Android will help you to access android in built Linux command line shell. It is a free app and ad free you can check it out on Google Play Store and can install in your rooted android phone if you want to experiment with inner settings of your android phone.

Download from playstoreterminal emulator android app for rooted phones10. Adaway.

The best part about rooting your Android phone is that you can make it completely ad free. Ads won’t show in neither apps nor webpages. There will be no Pop-up issue in browser as well. This app won’t be available on Google play store, but we have a link for you to dowload below.

Download Now

adaway root app

These are few best root apps for android rooted smartphones. If you find any of the app not working or know any other app which is missing in the list must share it with us in comments.

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