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How To Use Pendrive As RAM In Windows PC – 2017

RAM is a temporary memory where all the processes run. It is a very important resource for a system to run smoothly. RAM is the component that is responsible for snappy multitasking and switching between active tasks. With apps becoming heavier and heavier, systems are constantly demanding more RAM. Upgrading RAM required installation of new hardware components which is both difficult and costly. But if you want to increase the running speed of your Windows system, without upgrading your RAM we have a solution for you. Here, we have a simple trick on How to use Pendrive as RAM in Windows PC.
Pendrive will not work as same as the original RAM but somewhat it will help your computer to load the heavy files such as software and games because these things increase load on your computer and make it slow. So it will increase your computer paging file and cache memory as a Virtual RAM and help to increase performance of your computer. So here are the simple steps follow carefully and you can Increase RAM using Pendrive.

How To Use Pendrive As Ram. ?

Method 1st:- Virtual Ram Concept For Windows.

  • First insert Pendrive into computer.
  • Go to  My Computer >> right click on it >> then click on Properties.
  • It will show you new window then click on Advance system settings.
  • In the Advance system settings >> go to “Advance” >> click on settings as show in the above image.
  • Again it will open you new window “Performance Option” then click on “Advanced” Tab.
  • In the “Virtual Memory box” option click on “Change Button”.


  • After this it will show you new window “Virtual Memory”.
  • Uncheck the box “Automatically Manage Paging size feature”.
  • Select the drive and then in Custom size add your pen drive value current same in below format.


  • Always leave 30MB to 50MB free space from the original space.
  • Then fill the same value in “Initial Size” and “Maximum Size” then click on OK.
  • Restart your PC/Laptop and your pen drive will work as “Virtual Ram”.

Note:- Above explained is simplest way to use pendrive as ram. But, To get your pen drive in normal form, simply go Virtual Settings again and unchecked custom memory value and check on the default settings “Automatically Manage Paging Size”

Method 2nd:- Ready Boost Concept.

  •  Insert Pen Drive into PC/Laptop.
  •  Right click on the Pen Drive and click on Properties.


  • Click on Ready Boost Tab and select option Use this device.
  • Select the size according to your pen drive. Always leave 200-300 MB free space.
  • Then click on apply button.

ReadyBoost-pendriveNote:- Above explained is the easiest way to use pendrive as ram. But, To get your pendrive into normal form then switch it back to “Don’t use this device” in Ready Boost tab.

IMPORTANT :- Whenever you want to eject your pen drive first Safely Eject Your Pen Drive. and don’t remove it directly it will damage your storage device.

Hence, with this little trick, you can increase the performance of your Windows system without spending money on RAM upgrades by simply using a Pendrive as RAM.

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