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Dual Whatsapp Account In One Android Phone

Whatsapp is a one the most popular messaging app. We can chat, send images, videos and audios with our friends and family. There are 700 million active users on Whatsapp in 2015. Now a days mostly Whatsapp used by young generation over 90% of them are addicted by Whatsapp. So it is the most famous messenger in the world. But there is one problem we cannot use dual Whatsapp account in android phone. We can only use multiple Whatsapp account on single device. But mostly the persons have dual sim mobile phones and they want to run Whatsapp on both numbers but actually then can’t do this. So if you are one of them and want to know How To Use Dual Whatsapp Account On Single Mobile Phone then you are at right place. Here we have solution and Method To Use Dual Whatsapp Account On One phone. There are some alternatives & moded versions of Whatsapp. With the help of these alternative apps you will able to Use Dual Whatsapp Account On Single Mobile Phone.

How To Run Dual Whatsapp In One Android Phone.

Alternative Apps To Use Dual Whatsapp Account In One Phone.

Here I will explain you two alternative app OGWhatsapp & WhatsMapp solo app. With the help of these android apps you can Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Android Phone. These apps are not available on Play Store so you have to download .apk files of these apps. Both are working fine and secure to Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Device. But I recommend you first use WhatsMapp solo android app if it will not work then try OGWhatsapp android app. So here I will explain you How To Use Dual Whatsapp On One Device.

Method 1st:- Download OGWhatsapp To USe Dual Whatsapp Account.


-Dual Whatsapp on one device
-Fastest moded Whatsapp
-Custom Icon
-And many other features are available

Download OGWhatsapp

download buttonogwhatsapp dual whatsapp single device

  • First you have to Backup your conversation then proceed further.
  • After that go to Settings >> Apps >> Find Whatsapp click on it and then click on Clear Data.

whatsapp clear data

  • Now go to sdcard/Whatsapp and rename the Whatsapp folder to OGWhatsapp.
  • Now uninstall your original Whatsapp.
  • After that download and install OGWhatsapp in your mobile phone. Click on continue button fill that mobile number which you used in original Whatsapp account.
  • Now for other number go to play store download and install original Whatsapp and fill your other mobile number in it and enjoy Dual Whatsapp in your single mobile phone.

Note:- If you getting an obsolete error while installing OGWhatsapp then you can use the other alternative android app WhatsMapp solo. I also used this app and it worked finely in my mobile phone so you should try this. Just follow the given steps to Install Dual Whatsapp On Single Device.

Method 2nd:- Download WhatsMapp Solo To Run Dual Whatsapp Account.

-Custom Icon
-ActionBar color changing
-Navigationbar color changing (Lollipop Only)
-StatusBar color changing (Lollipop only)
-Fastest Moded whatsapp

Download WhatsMapp Solo

download buttonWhatsMapp Solo for dual whatsapp single device

  • First of all open original Whatsapp and Backup your conversation.
  • Now go to settings >> in apps click on Whatsapp and Clear Data.
  • Now uninstall original Whatsapp and install WhatsMapp Solo in your mobile phone.
  • Fill your mobile number which you used in original Whatsapp and proceed further.
  • Now for other number download original Whatsapp from play store and fill your second number and enjoy dual Whatsapp on your single device.

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